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Pay Now or Pay Later

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

A few years ago I was at the Davis Farmers’ Market and I noticed a young mom from my church buying organic produce for her family. I applauded her for doing this and she responded, “Pay now or pay later!” I’ve thought about that many times as I speak to people who have no problem spending money on manicures, getting their hair colored, new clothes, cell phones, the latest technology…the list goes on and on….but they tell me they can’t afford organic food.

Here’s the part many people don’t think about: the cost of buying organic, properly grown or raised food is way less than the cost of being sick, especially when you consider that many of the chronic diseases we see today are the result of years of poor diet and lifestyle. These chronic health problems are literally bankrupting America.

But you can be part of the solution by buying:

· Organic fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds

· Pastured or wild caught meat, poultry, fish and animal products

· Healthy, natural fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, and butter and lard from pastured animals.

For most people (unless there are food sensitivities) these are all an important part of a healthy diet and have nourished humans for centuries. Notice that we’re talking about natural foods as opposed to processed food. I personally buy a decent percentage of my food directly from the farmers who grew or raised it.

Look at it as an investment in your health. I see many people with financial security reach middle/old age in such poor health that they can’t enjoy life! There are no guarantees, but nourishing your precious body can only help…and if you have a family it will greatly benefit them too and set the stage for lifelong health.


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