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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure...

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

...Care for your Liver!

The above quote applies so profoundly to our health in modern times, and I think of this often as I witness first hand how much harder it is to treat or reverse health problems than to prevent them. One of the biggest reasons people say they can’t buy healthier food is the cost. It’s true, organic produce, pastured animal products, and wild caught fish are more expensive. Yet I’ve watched people develop serious health problems that end up costing so much more to treat than it would have cost to prevent.

Or do you feel there’s not enough time to take care of yourself? I totally understand that! But developing diseases or being chronically ill is very time-consuming!

Did you know that taking care of your liver is one of the most important things you can do to prevent disease and illness? The liver is undoubtedly the most important and also the largest internal organ of the body. Since one of its many functions includes detoxification of harmful substances, our livers are often overworked due to an unprecedented number of toxins making their way into our bodies. These toxins, coming from air, water, food, and products we use, are implicated in many of the degenerative diseases we see today. In one of my lectures on cancer at Bauman College, Dr. Ed Bauman stated:

“Cancer is a failure to detoxify.”

Here are 2 easy tips for helping your liver to detoxify:

Drink sufficient pure water daily and add lemon for further benefit.

This means avoiding tap water since it contains so many toxins that tax the liver. Pure water helps your body detoxify. Spring water is probably the best source, but often hard to find. Purified water from a home water purifier or reputable local source is next best. Since it is often stripped of minerals, it’s good to add liquid minerals such as ConcenTrace ionic minerals. Another great addition is lemon or lime juice, which have a cleansing affect on the body. I personally drink a glass of lemon water first thing every morning. Take care to not drink more than you should though—that has its own problems. If urine is completely clear, you’ve probably had more water than you need; if it’s on the darker side, you probably need more.

Eat more organic vegetables, especially bitter greens.

Organically grown vegetables don’t have the pesticides and herbicides that burden the liver. Arugula, dandelion, mustard greens, endive, and dark lettuces stimulate the flow of bile, aiding in detoxification. Other liver-supporting vegetables include:









Bok choy



Brussels sprouts

I often go outside and pick some dandelion leaves to add to my salad.

We’re all on a path toward greater health or toward disease. There’s no better time to add some new good habits than right now! If you’re overwhelmed, look at the above ideas and just try one thing…then another…and soon you’ll be headed for greater health and longevity.


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